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Spatial Technology has a lot of relevance to most of the Governement Oranizations and Business Organizations. Almost all of them deal with location specific data and Spatial Technology facilities in capturing this data and helps provide for analytical tools to retrieve meaningful information. Hence the technology essentially adds Spatial Value to statistical Applications. Some of the Organizations which could use the technology are

  • Government
    • Revenue (Mandal Revenue Office)
    • Irrigation Department
    • Panchayat Raj
    • Agriculture
    • Roads and Building
    • Housing
    • Animal Husbandry
    • Education
    • Medical and Health
    • Energy and Environment
    • Industries
    • Home
    • Commercial Taxes
    • Ground Water Department
    • Mines and Geology
    • Muncipalities
    • Urban Authorities
    • etc......
  • Business
    • Telecom
    • Power
    • Water
    • Insurance
    • Consumables
    • Financial Institutions
    • etc...
Spatial Advantages
  • Customization
    The technology being Proprietary facilities in customizing the products to the exact requirement of clients.
  • vernacular Language Support
    The only GIS Company in the World to offer support in India Languages.
  • Resilience
    Solutions are pressure-tested to ensure they perform in the most demanding conditions.
  • Security
    Spatial's unparalleled investment in Research and Development lends quality and stability.
  • Scalability
    Solutions can start small and scale upwards when the requirement grows, future-proofing the system and protecting investment.
  • Manageability
    The content can be updated remotely from any point, keeping maintenanceto a minimum.
  • Compatiability
    Solutions integrate seamlessly into an existing IT infrastructure, protecting investment and consolidating information and technology resources.

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