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'Spatial' Vector is a vectorization package developed by the company to deal with weeding, line thinning, noise removal, attribute attachment and vectorization of raster data. The product also has semi automatic vectorization facility providing for the minimal possible human intervention. The product provides for access to standard raster and vector formats apart from providing for the Company's own proprietary Spatial DB format . The product is also integrated with Spatial GIS to offer comprehensive facilities of input, analysis and retrieval of spatial and statistical data from within Spatial GIS environment

Feature Highlights
  • Full-featured mapping application server.
  • Scalability under heavy usage demand.
  • Robust Mapping.
  • Supports Vector and Raster maps.
  • Supports various formats like BMP, JPEG, GIF, POL, DXF, SHP etc.
  • Format Conversion from .DXF, .SHP.
  • Raster Editing Tools.
  • Vector Editing Tools.
  • Semi Automatic and Automatic Line Thinning.
  • Automatic and Semi Automatic Vectorisation.
  • Panning and Zooming functions.
  • Auto Generation of Feature Identifications.
  • Edge Matching.
  • Smooth Switching Connects through Databases like Oracle, MS-SQL, MS-Access seamlessly.
  • Generate plots / village plans from survey data It supports various Survey methods like D&O, Bombay system.
  • Supports for taking print of particular Survey number.
  • Updates Village map with sub-division boundaries using Sub-division data of each Survey number.
  • Supports for vectorising unlimited number of layers.
  • Data Manager Tool
    1. Creates New Database
    2. Creates New Entities
    3. Add New Topics
    4. Add/Update/Delete Data and Topics
    5. Create tables, modify existing ones or attach tables to topics
  • Import - Export Databases and Data.
  • Offers Multilingual Support.
  • Supports for customising software for future requirements.
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