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'Spatial' GIS has been designed as a general purpose engine that is capable of capturing location specific data and integrating the same with information relating to larger area levels, so that spatial relations, linkages and interdependencies can be understood in an intranet. Spatial GIS equips the users to mine on spatial and statistical data. It has been provided with tools, which efficiently perform the operations like mapping, querying, analyzing, manipulating and displaying spatially referenced information.

Feature Highlights
  • Full-featured mapping application server or Desktop.
  • Scalability under heavy usage demand.
  • Robust Mapping.
  • Supports Vector and Raster maps.
  • Supports various formats like BMP, JPEG, GIF, POL, DXF, SHP etc.
  • Adopts a level concept while displaying spatial features.
  • Better Response time.
  • Aesthetics like Background Color, Foreground Color , Font Size , Label Styles etc.
  • ,
  • Region List.
  • Browse Data.
  • Comprehensive Query Builder Tool (Simple, Multiple, Thematic), Advanced Query Module.
  • Map Search Option.
  • Pan, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Custom Zoom.
  • Spatial Analysis Tools. Radial Analysis, Buffer Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Corridor Analysis.
  • Overlay Module.
  • Distance, Area, Perimeter measurements.
  • Network Module.
  • Generates Maps as well as Statistical Data Reports.
  • Graph Module to generate Bar Charts, Pie Charts etc.
  • Smooth Switching. Connects through ODBC like Oracle, MS-SQL, MS-Access seamlessly from within the environment .
  • Login Securities.
  • Symbol Library.
  • On Screen Digitization (Point, Linear).
  • Customizing Toolbars.
  • Attribute Attachment (Statistical Data , Images).
  • Data Manager Tool -
    1. Add New Topics.
    2. Add /Update / Delete Data and Topics.
    3. Create tables, modify existing ones or attach tables to topics.
    4. Import - Export Databases and Data.
    5. Query Data.
    6. Report Generation through Excel.
    7. Record Search.
  • Offers Multilingual Support in Indian Languages.
  • Supports Standard Projection Systems.
  • User Friendly Help.
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