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Spatial Cadastre provides for generating plots by accessing data from Field Measurement Book and Tippon Book. The input measurement data can be in FPS (Gunter links/Chains-Annas) or (Metric links or Meters). The Digitized data can be stored in any RDBMS like Oracle, MS SQL Server. In Diagonal & Offset /Simple Triangulation survey system, the plots will be generated from the triangulation and ladder data. Junction points can be located by the triangulation method by entering the distances of triangles and entering the offset data on the sides of triangles can plot offsets. The other details like streams, roads, wells, temples and stream directions can be drawn in the plot. After entering the data, the plot can be rotated to set the desired orientation. The user can enter the text with different styles and angles. The application computes area of each sub-division and generates output in FPS or Metric system. The sub-division data can be updated as and when required. It supports to generate plot from traverse data as input. The output can be generated in any units. The output can be taken to a printer with a User specified scale. The application supports to export the output to formats like Auto CAD .DXF file. The technology works on any Windows operating system.

Feature Highlights
  • Full-featured mapping application.
  • Scalability under heavy usage demand.
  • Robust Mapping.
  • Full-fledged map functions like panning, zooming etc.
  • Raster image functions like pan, zoom, magnifier etc.
  • Comprehensive symbol library with the facility to add new icons.
  • Comprehensive Line styles and hatch patterns
  • Generate digital parcel maps from survey data.
  • Supports various survey methods like Simple Triangulation, Diagonal and Offset System and Bombay system etc.
  • Supports Gunter system and Metric system.
  • Converts units to any system like Gunter, Metric and Meters.
  • Area Computation of each Sub-division.
  • Data can be exported to .DXF or .SHP.
  • Subdivision data can be updated as and when required.
  • On screen Sub-division.
  • Digital Parcel Map Editing Tools.
  • Other details like Footpaths, Cart tracks, Streamlines, Wells, etc., can be demarcated.
  • Traverse Plot can be generated from Traverse data on the desired scale.
  • Supports import of Total Station data.
  • Output can be taken on any Scale.
  • Smooth Switching. Connects through Databases like Oracle, MS-SQL and MS-Access seamlessly.
  • Comprehensive Print / Plot module.
  • Facility for merging of databases.
  • Built in Devanagiri and Telugu language support.
  • Supports Back up versions and history logs.
  • Supports All windows Platforms.
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