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Power Utility Sector

'Spatial' PowerTrac Operational & Maintenance requirements of Urban Authorities / Utility sector require a multitude of data elements. For instance, tremendous amount of data is required to maintain the ribbon-like corridors that distribution lines weave through the landscape. Property ownership data element is of particular importance to municipalities, for right of way maintenance of utilities like power, telecom, water etc. For example, power line characteristics are a collection of data elements that describes the physical characteristics of the line, its current condition and that which is being transported through it. These data elements which have both static and dynamic components pose a formidable challenge for proper maintenance and operations in a utility sector. Urban Authorities / Utilities need detailed information about the location and condition of their transmission corridor assets and right of ways to quickly and efficiently maintain and service them. To accomplish this, Urban Authorities, Utilities Organizations need to regularly inspect and collect accurate spatial data of their facilities. Also the data must be wrapped in an enterprise system, which would support planners and managers in all the phases of utilities management. And PowerTrac does it all for you, simply.

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